The absence of an effective identity branding design can negatively impact your presence in the market and your interaction with customers. Distinction and awareness of the brand contribute significantly to the success of your business and the trust of the public.

These fundamental aspects require guidance from a specialized identity design company, such as Extra Sales, which aims to support the success of your business by creating a strong visual identity. This allows elevating the status of your brand and enhancing a positive impression among customers.


The logo is the cornerstone of visual identity and marks the first step in the design process, serving as the foundation for other elements. It is the symbol or image that represents the brand, showcasing the company’s activity, capturing the eye’s attention, and leaving a memorable impression on the audience. When designing a logo, it is advisable to choose a simple and easily understandable design that clearly expresses the idea and activity without complications

Stationery and Printed Materials

This includes all official documents such as invoices, correspondence, notebooks, files, banners, flyers, envelopes, and business cards, as well as the possibility to print them on products like pens, cups, and clocks.

Advertising Banner

An advertising banner is an image or promotional graphic used on websites to attract the audience’s attention and encourage them to click. It is an effective tool in digital marketing strategies, as the banner enhances the visual presence of the brand and encourages quick interaction, contributing to increased traffic and fostering engagement with the target audience.

Product Packaging

Your customers can recognize your products through their packaging and brand name, as they contain all the elements of identity, especially the fonts used in product descriptions. Well-designed packaging is preferred by customers, contributing to increased profits and enhancing your brand image in the market.

Features of Brand Identity Design

  • Expressive Brand Identity
  • Building Trust and Loyalty
  • Getting Closer to Your Audience